New to Me welcomes all types of items for consignment. However, item review is done by appointment only. During your first appointment - the following we will review your items and explain why we did or did not accept something. Discuss pricing of each item and the discount scale. Go over the consignment agreement. Please allow 30-45 minutes for ​your first appointment. Afterwards, you may drop items off to return and pick up later if you like.


Please call 540-982-2022 to schedule an appointment today!


New to Me takes in all kinds of items for consignment including clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, furniture, housewares, art and more in excellent condition. We will determine the condition of the articles at the time of possession. Authentication cards, tags and receipts are always helpful when determining the price for an item.

Regarding clothing/fashion, we accept the current season of clothing or those in anticipation of the upcoming season. If you ever have questions about what to bring, just call or ask when making your appointment. All clothing needs to be clean, brought in on hangers and free of wrinkles. 


New to Me will receive 50% of the final selling price. A $0.50 per sold item fee will be charged and deducted from your settlement check. An additional fee may be charged to come to your home and look at your consignment items. For larger items, it is helpful to send images beforehand.

New to Me will consign items for sixty (60) days. Merchandise not sold after thirty (30) days will be discounted 20%. At the end of sixty (60) days, consignor must either pick up items or they will be reduced 40%, extending the consignment period to 90 days. You must contact New to Me before the 60 day period is up and make arrangements for pick-up or the 40% deduction will be applied. Any items left after 90 days become the property of New to Me.


You will be paid commission on the 15th day following the end of the consignment month of sale. All unclaimed commission checks will be null and void ninety (90) days after they are issued. Please call before coming to pick up a check to make sure your items have sold. 

A 10% bonus will be added to all commissions used as store credit spent at New to Me, up too $30.00, on purchases of non-sale items.

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